I shed these boots with my pretenses. Kick them into the corner behind the bedroom door. Peel back all my layers. I stand here, exposed, laid bare, in my stocking feet and wait for you to say, “I thought you were taller.”

13 responses to “Stripped

  1. So good. I’ve used a couple of your same phrases, “stocking feet,” and “…taller” in my own micro story. Dang, if your boots are shinier than mine, but I hold no pretenses either. lol

  2. Loved it! That last line made me laugh, my partner said the same thing to me on our third date when I didn’t wear my platform shoes 😉

  3. Aw, I thought it was kind of sad that she was waiting for the comment about her height, like she was like “Here I am! Go ahead and make your comment! But then love me! Accept me!” But maybe I’m just crazy.

    Also, I’ve never done the Gargleblaster before – so it’s ok to post it today and just link to it when the grid opens for it Wednesday? I notice that is not the case with the non-fiction grid, as you can’t post anything you wrote before sunday..

    • Hi Cheney! No, you got pretty close to what I’d intended. 🙂

      You can post your gargleblaster today and link it when the grid opens on Wednesday. Technically, you can do the same with any of our grids – the rules say your post be *written* no earlier than the Sunday before the grid opens. So for the nonfiction grid, that’s Monday, fiction/poetry is Tuesday, and gargleblaster is Wednesday.

      So glad you’re thinking of jumping into the gargleblaster! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Hi, you’ve inspired me to do the gargle blaster too! Also my first time. I thought that today was Wednesday and was confused as to why I couldn’t find the link lol. Hopefully, I’ll remember to link up tomorrow as well!

  5. ‘I thought you were’ – anything that begins with that makes me wanna run and hide.
    I like the way you strip, lady!

  6. That’s the “height” of challenge 🙂
    Nicely expressed!

  7. The vulnerability! I hope she is held, not belittled. Beautiful words and emotions as always.

  8. 😦 This made me sad for her that all she got after all she bared was that comment. You lead me down the oath then twisted it at the end!

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