I can picture it. The orderly, bringing in the mail. The postcard with pictures of us, the happy couple, dated two weeks ago and signed, “With all my love — Renie.”

The orderly asks, “Who got married?”

My mother replies, “I don’t know.”

22 responses to “Announcement

  1. We just saw my MIL yesterday and I can only imagine this is exactly how she’d react these days to any kind of news.

    It was well written, but it brought tears to my eyes too.

  2. Such a sad tale written so well.

  3. This is so painful, not a scene anyone wants to imagine, but one that some have to experience. Powerful writing.

  4. Though heart-breaking, so beautifully penned!

  5. That’s so sad but there can be such parents too! Nicely written!

  6. Written in a matter-of-fact style, the sadness of a mother not knowing her child is even more moving. Beautifully rendered, as always, Christine.

  7. A sad tale, becoming so much more common nowadays as the population ages.
    A great piece of writing.

  8. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

  9. That made my heart drop. Really awesome piece to make that happen in 42 words!

  10. Heart breaking and so poignant because it happens so often. Beautifully written!

  11. So sad! You would hope there would be a tiny flicker of memory, but sometimes there just isn’t any.

  12. Sad but penned beautifully

  13. Devastating! I like the tone of this as Jo-Anne mentioned. A harsh reality I hope we never have to know.

  14. So much story here. I feel like I know so much about the mother. Masterful, as always. 🙂

  15. Oof. Right in the gut. Truly a full story.

  16. I was getting Renie and Renée confused. The second time I read this I understood. Alzheimers is heartbreaking for all involved.

    • Ha! You’re the first one to make the connection. Not that I set it out as a puzzle, but my head’s all wrapped up in Ken/Renee lately and the ongoing story that Rowan & I have going on.

      • Wait. So Renée and Barbi get married? or is this a different character?

      • Same character: Ken/Renee/Renie. And yes, they do, but not in yet in the bits and pieces we’ve posted. It’s all very dramatic. :-p If you really want to read the 165,000 words of pure chat in which we’ve been writing this thing. I don’t really expect anyone to follow the larger story. I’m thrilled that this piece is completely self-contained. Some of the others are less so.

        Interestingly, I don’t think it’s obvious — from what I’ve posted, anyway — that this is actually urban fantasy.

        (For reference:

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