She didn’t use words. She didn’t expect me to listen. I saw what I expected to hear in the line of her jaw, the curl of her fingers. I read my deficiencies in her silence: an unfaithful translation of our love story.

20 responses to “Go

  1. So much is said in the silences. I love how you’ve chosen such delicate body language (the curl of her fingers) for imagery. Wonderfully done.

  2. Beautiful..silence speaks a lot too!

  3. We can say so much without speaking. Nice.

  4. “I read my deficiencies in her silence” – very powerful!

  5. The power of silence. Great take on the prompt.

  6. “I saw what I expected to hear in the line of her jaw.” <–that is pretty awesome.

  7. So beautiful – that last line really hit me like a punch in the gut, such a simple statement but a truth that I think all of us can understand. I, too, have read my deficiencies in a silence.

  8. Oh my goodness…such power in short sentences and simple words. I loved this.

  9. A beautiful, exquisite depiction of the hurt and anger and assumptions. Powerful title, too.

  10. Really amazing use of words.

  11. How terrible it is to be judged, even silently. It , to me, is one of the worst forms of abuse- Abuse of the self-esteem of another.

  12. Oh, yeah. It’s all those expectations that get in the way. Love the imagery!

  13. I liked how the narrator could get the whole story without any words. So true.

  14. “I saw what I expected to hear…” So powerful and so often true. It’s too bad when things come that that, but at some point words become unnecessary.

  15. Unfaithful translation of our love story…sigh! So well done.

  16. Silence sometimes speaks volumes as does body language. Always wonderful visiting your words! P.S. I’m laughing about “Garbleblaster”. My mind thought I wrote that, but apparently my fingers didn’t listen. Happens!

  17. You have such a deft hand at magnifying a moment to meaningful proportions, Christine.

  18. ‘I saw what I expected to hear’ – such powerful words. ‘I read my deficiencies in her silence’ – such sad ones.

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