The question is implicit, the answer inevitable. You snag olives off my plate while I pretend not to see. Another man might’ve grumbled, or stolen the cherry from your drink. I steal a kiss instead and make long, lingering plans for later.

24 responses to “Thieves

  1. Haha, banking the favor! You are so good at this. I still find microfiction SO challenging. But you are making me love it, how you can pack such a punch in 42 words!

  2. Olives and cherries. My kinda gal ! Loved this response.

  3. Pretending not to see. Loved this!

  4. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    Very nice combination of abstract and concrete, the implicit question and oh, yes, olives. Love the ending, “…long, lingering plans for later.”

  5. Love the long, lingering plans and the way you fit so much playfulness in this.

  6. Evocative word choices. Lovely interpretation, Christine :))

  7. This is lovely! Beautiful words evoke a charming image.

  8. You get a hundred-year pardon for stealing from a thief in Spain : ) Don’t know what you get for doing what long, lingering plans call for… hehe. < 3

  9. True love, I think, is in the air. 🙂
    I like saving myself for later…much later.

  10. Sorry, but even strangers can steal olives off my plate and I wouldn’t care. Still loved this!

  11. Titillating scene. I wonder what else was at the table!

  12. I like the open ended promise of “lingering plans for later”. Makes a person’s imagination run wild. Love the sexual tension you created here.

  13. I’m not going to mention the tension, or the plans but I will say that you can always ask the waiter for more olives.
    This was really good Christine. You have outdone yourself

  14. I appreciate the consonance you brought to this piece: long/lingering, plate/pretend and the assonance in implicit/inevitable. The detail of him pretending not to notice the thievery tells so much about their relationship. And the ending hints to so much that will come.

    • Nate, I’m doing an actual little happy dance here at my desk, because you so obviously got what I was trying to do, both with the words I used and what I left out. Which means, I hope, that it worked. 🙂

  15. Lingering plans for later…love that idea.

  16. Oh I’m smiling – like the idea of snagging olives and the last sentence is wonderful. It almost turns the innocent menacing.

  17. I love it! Wonderful work.

  18. So clever, creative, and intriguing. Love your response to the prompt!

  19. Is this a true romance or does he have expectations or some other intent? This is so great! I can’t wait for more.

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