Every fall the rivers rise, overwhelmed by the sudden shock of summer’s end. I stand on this bridge staring at the confluence of our circumstances, the
wants and desires that carried us here, and contemplate diving in. Regular as rain, this longing.

17 responses to “Flood

  1. Oh, this really hit home for me. I love the picture you painted – both the literal one and the internal one. Such beautiful imagery! I especially loved “confluence of our circumstances”, and “the wants and desires that carried us here.” The last sentence at first struck me as more colloquial than the rest, but upon re-reading it, I now see it as almost wry. I think it really ties the piece together.

  2. When I read about the rivers rising, at the beginning, I thought I knew where you were going.
    I was so wrong.
    I’m still learning. This was great.
    And, deeper than the rivers of which you write.

  3. A flood of emotion in those few words. The last line was brilliant.

  4. You never disappoint. This is lovely,lyrical, and full of longing that makes up our human experience.

  5. Ooh. Loved the last line. Beautiful.

  6. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    Lovely, lyrical, layered. I love the last line; that word, “longing” is one of my favorites.

  7. Really liked the picture you painted in my mind’s eye. Great piece. Congrats!

  8. I love how the physical description so perfectly has a second meaning for the narrator’s feelings.

  9. Oh, dive in! I’d totally go for a swim in this…

  10. Could so relate to the ‘sudden shock of summer’s end’ and it feels as if you’ve punched those words out. Such a thoughtful and lingering ending.

  11. This really resonates with me. It seems like every summer is great…then fall comes and the shit hits the fan so to speak. The flood waters rise like the bills pile up, and even though the paychecks keep a coming, there isn’t enough to pay everything! UGH. And it is like this every single fall with the added expense of school starting.

  12. Every word here feels perfectly placed to me – wonderfully crafted images and a piece that leaves itself open to all sorts of interpretations.

  13. Yes, it’s unusual events like floods that get us seeing our lives in other ways and drudge up the things that are bothering us. That’s what I got from your writing.

  14. I really like the confluence of the circumstances phrase. It has such a lovely turn to it.

  15. A beautiful piece of writing.

  16. Regular as Rain, I wish I could say that for Karachi as well.

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