Adagio Unstrung

I used to love Barber. The universe itself rings out a perfect B-flat: 466.164. It’s in the hum of the refrigerator, the whine of the undercabinet lights. You took your violin, but I still hear its song echoing in these empty rooms.

29 responses to “Adagio Unstrung

  1. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    I love this–one of my first thoughts with the prompt was “tuning fork.” 🙂 The Barber sets us up for the melancholy…the more I read through this and appreciate the crafting, the more brilliant it becomes.

  2. oh the heavy sigh this induced in me.
    “I still hear the violins”…oh yes, I do.

    Such lovely prose.

  3. I love that I had to google some stuff because I’m not a classical music person. I’m pretty clueless. I learn something new everyday! I really love this post. I feel drawn into the emotion of a longing sadness after a break-up. I also love the comparison of the deep void one might feel after a break-up with the vastness of the mostly empty universe that also carries the same tune.

  4. Oh, wow. So many meanings woven through these strings. Lovely, Christine.

  5. I love the poignancy of this, that she has to hear the B-flat all around her. I learned something new too, and I like the seemingly effortless blending of science and emotion. I also ended up playing the Barber piece while I re-read, only adding to its sadness.

    • O, a) the fact that you re-read my piece is ridiculously flattering, and b) the fact that you sought out and listened to the Barber while you did so is awesome.

  6. Haha that’s a cold way to speak of feelings! Nice one.

  7. Wonderful, wonderful. Says the physics/music double major! Right up my alley. Spoke to me. Makes me want to respond in kind. Maybe next week?

  8. Good one Christine. Now: how s the novel coming along?

  9. I love how you incorporated the memory into every aspect of the empty room. Lovely set of 42 words you got there, Christine!

  10. So good! Love the reference to barber and the play on words with the title. I can hear the melody of the piece in my mind, so when I read this, *sigh* it is so incredibly moving. Brilliant in 42 words!

  11. I love how you blend mundanity, science, art, love and loss with such ease, so concisely.

    • Thanks so much, Sue! It took a day and a half if wrangling to get the words right in my head. 🙂

      • You know how you see those questions asking “describe your writing process?” Well, I think in general “a day and a half of wrangling” sums it up pretty nicely 🙂

      • Ha! It’s true, though. People think microfiction should be easy because it’s short. I find that I put much more time, word for word, into tiny pieces than long ones. “Wrangling” is the best way I can think of to describe it. 🙂

  12. Oh, bravo, bravo. Barber’s Adagio is one of my favorite pieces of music, and your story worked it in brilliantly.

    • It’s one of mine too. I actually started with the idea of how everything seems to hum on a B-flat, and then remembered the Barber. It all coalesced around that. 🙂

  13. So, when I first read this I was at a loss for words. I could not find an adequate combination of words to convey how this touched me so deeply, so I went away for a while. Now, I’m back. I read it again and I’m still… The first time I heard the Barber I felt this way too. And every time since. There are no words… I mean maybe lovely or haunting, but no they are just not enough.

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