I have always been the sea. My pulse dances along the crest of every wave. Saltwater fills my veins.

Today my heart flutters in a tidepool’s deceptive tranquility. I crash against the rocks, hoping to reclaim it before you cast your net.

21 responses to “Tidepool

  1. Christine, this wee poem is stunning in its emotional impact. You write with such beauty and poise. Truly, truly lovely.

  2. This is so poetic and stays loyal to the prompt. It’s hard to pick my favourite line but I think “My pulse dances…” gives a great sense of the mermaid’s free spirit!

  3. This is beautiful! I can see it all happening, right in front of my eyes. The imagery is just perfect!

  4. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    *five stars* from the serenity of the opening to the urgency of the close.

  5. Tidepool’s are deceptively calm, aren’t they? I can’t tell if her fluttering heart is anxious or excited…or is it the same thing?

  6. From exhilaration to desperation you managed to capture an entire emotional spectrum with only 42 words. That’s some seriously good writing there.

  7. “before you cast you net” is so poetic, sad and lovely all at once.
    even small amounts of water can drown us if we’re not careful. “be safe” 😉

    loved this.

  8. This was poetic…and filled with a spectrum of emotion. Well done! ♥

  9. Love the feel of this. I was swaying the whole time.

  10. This is so lovely. I was intrigued immediately by the opening line.

  11. I tried to pick out my favorite sentence, but couldn’t settle on just one. It’s stunning writing–start to finish. Flawless.

  12. I loved the imagery of this! Brilliantly written.

  13. Oh, I love this! Perfection.

  14. Wow. This was so beautiful. Every line was captivating.

  15. Christine, you have a way with words that is so incredibly emotionally moving…when I read your posts, I so often get this sense of a sweeping epic….orchestrated lyrically and poetically.

  16. What I adore here is the language. It’s so lilting, yet full…

  17. KymmInBarcelona

    Gorgeous, as always, Christine! First line to die for.

  18. I agree with Kymm. That first line is gorgeous. It immediately drew me in. I can picture this vividly…the salt water, the tide pool, the casting net. Just lovely.

  19. Makes me want to suit up and slip down to the beach.

  20. That’s a beautiful way to say I don’t want you to steal my heart, Christine!

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