This shore is littered with sea-glass and broken lives. I pick up a perfect nautilus, pour the sand out. I listen for an echo of a memory. I only hear waves rushing in to fill the hollow where my heart once was.

18 responses to “Shell

  1. As always, your imagery is gorgeuos.

  2. I loved the image of holding that shell to your ear, listening, yearning for a old love.
    Heart break just like that sea glass, but you gave voice to it with these 42 words.

  3. Beautiful – love the idea of the shore being littered with broken lives. And felt that echoing emptiness at the end.

  4. Christine, this is “it”. lovely lovely, entry! Is this on the grid?

  5. The feeling of emptiness rings like a bell throughout these four sentences, Christine. And the image of broken lives lying next to sea glass paints a jagged, dangerous-if-not-cautious picture. Deftly picked word choices!

  6. oh cripes this is lovely. just LOVELY!!!

  7. “Echo of memory”… Live this. It’s beautiful but haunting.

  8. Oops not “live this” but “love this!”

  9. Sad, beautiful, and I can in fact almost feel the ocean breeze and hear the crunching sound of the sea-glass under foot. I love the line about the broken lives.

  10. Gorgeous words, gorgeous imagery. You have some mad skills, my friend! 🙂

  11. The longing in this is so tangible that it is something that continues to echo in the images (love the nautilus one…I used to do that all the time when I was a child) you have painted for us. Beautiful.

  12. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    That opening line…super juxtaposition, super metaphor.

  13. KymmInBarcelona

    Feeling this one, Christine < 3

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