I stared at the summons. I wasn’t ready, but the vote was unanimous.

“Even you, beloved?”

Grace looked away. So.

I checked the sheen of poison on my knife, adjusted the combs in my hair, and shut the door on them all.

24 responses to “Blooding

  1. Great connection to that past… 🙂

  2. Closing the door is the best (and most gentle) approach sometimes.

    Really loved this.

  3. Sometimes I wish I had a sheen of poison on my knife – especially when it comes to revisiting the past. 😉

    I loved the act of adjusting the combs. It’s such a simple human thing, and so easy to envision. It made the narrator come to life for me.

  4. Jennifer G. Knoblock

    Oh, oh, oh. One of my faves, brilliant.

  5. This is so effortlessly written.

    • Oh, jeez, not effortless at all! I actually panicked when I realized that by the time I woke up, there were already 29 entries on the grid. I’d been mulling this one over for hours – I’m just glad I had time to scribble it down.

  6. So well done. Did she kill herself?

  7. I too, love the part about adjusting the combs in her hair. Very natural & matter of fact. You write so well…

  8. I am with Stacie. I thought she killed herself too.

  9. I bet she knifes Grace. And then throttles the rest of them with her Combs of Death. But I see your comment about the conclusion coming in your speakeasy piece, so I shall wait to find out. 🙂

  10. Wow Christine, that one really leaves me wanting more than 42 words! It’s great!

  11. Ah–a warrior, to the last! That last line slammed with finality. Brilliant.

  12. Wow, you left me wanting more–what a clever way to get us over to the Speakeasy 😉 I thought she had to murder someone as an initiation. Shutting the door made me think of The Godfather.

  13. I wonder what happens after the door closes. I want more lol

  14. So well done. Now I have to read the full story. I hope speakeasy opens this evening only!

  15. Intriguing. I’m going for her killing someone else – but it’s a really difficult target.

  16. KymmInBarcelona

    Yup, it’s the adjusting of the combs that gave me the shivers.

  17. There is so much that could be happening/could happen next. ack! Want. More.

  18. very suspenseful tale. so many questions i have…

  19. I’m smelling the next Jade Dragon here.

  20. So much pain and resolve. Packed full with emotion. I want to know so much more.

  21. This is so full of anticipation in 42 understated but action-packed words. And you do it with showing, not telling. Perfection!

  22. Not sure if there’s a homicide taking place or a suicide. Either way, it’s intriguing! I was instantly invested in the decision.

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