She wanders from thicket to glade, trailing songbirds in her wake. I have followed her for days. My feet are weary, my heart sore and full of regret.

Sunlight glints off the arrow set against my bow. A promise is a promise.

Written for the yeah write weekly gargleblaster challenge. This week’s ultimate question:

Why do birds suddenly appear?

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18 responses to “Hunt

  1. Oh! One of my favorite words has always been glint. This is beautiful, yet poignant! The last line leaves me with shivers. You’re writing is always so gorgeous!

  2. “Sunlight glints off the arrow set against my bow. A promise is a promise.” Deep and beautiful. Lovely, lovely take.

  3. no time for doubt or second guesses, even if she is “trailing songbirds in her wake.”
    what a gorgeous line of writing. It reminded me of Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, “thicket to glade.”

  4. This is incredible! And that last line – straight to the heart.

  5. I just love the entire piece! The imagery and feeling you create here is beautiful.

  6. M. L. Sexton

    Hahaha! You’re going to kill that bird for all your pain and suffering if it’s the last thing you do. Loved it!

  7. ooh. i love the use of ‘arrow’ in this one, and also how it ends, ‘a promise is a promise’. well written as always.

  8. I found this to be very intriguing. I thought of Snow White too, and the hunter promised to kill her. Very ominous.

  9. Love, love, loved this piece… fabulous writing, love the ‘trailing songbirds in her wake’… beautiful, Christine…

  10. Keeping up promises is very hard some times…nice writing:)

  11. Shailaja /Doting Mom

    Snow White it is! Interesting that someone else also used her this week, albeit differently! Sun glinting off the arrow is a powerful image. Loved it!

    Shailaja’s post

  12. The last line is truly beautiful.

  13. Love this, Christine. Dark and beautiful.

  14. Nice idea well executed.

  15. This reminds me of stories I read in medieval lit classes (don’t ask me how many I took, lol). The romance is heavy, which I love.

  16. Wow. So many emotions in so few words–exhaustion, regret, reluctance, defiance, surrender. Just brilliant.

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