The Box

“Is it done?”

Another heart in another wooden box, all to please her. I nodded and set it on the dressing table.

Sunlight flickered across her reflected smile. I shivered. I may have held the knife, but her hands bear the stain.

This post was made in response to this week’s gargleblaster question:

Who dunnit?

Our challenge is to answer the question in exactly 42 words. Come join the fun over at yeah write!

27 responses to “The Box

  1. I don’t like her one bit.

  2. Aw, poor Macbeth.

  3. oh, MY. This tangles Poe and the Bard, even a little Snow White…and a dark sense of dread. Excellent.

  4. It was Macbeth’s Huntsman.

  5. never mind the fairy tales – I just plain loved this 😀

  6. a manipulative, powerful woman is no match for him.
    He’ll bring her hearts until her own stops beating.
    Wickedly well written.

  7. This is the best one I’ve read this far

  8. damn good in so few words. Love.

  9. That last line really got me. Beautiful work!

  10. Wow!This is so eerie and dark!Oh what a wicked woman-loved this 🙂

  11. And I’m shivering too. Such a picture you paint with this, sad and dark.

  12. Ah, this reminds me of Snow White’s evil queen. Nicely done!

  13. I love the feeling you create with this, wonderful!

  14. Getting visions of Vampires. Chilling.

  15. Perhaps my favorite so far. So dark and vivid. Nice!

  16. Sounds like this team have quite a collection going. Really good.

  17. This is really haunting… It told a lot and left me wanting to hear more of the story too.

  18. I love that you led with the line of dialogue. It made the whole thing pop.

    Great job

  19. Snow White and the Huntsman? I liked the box and the heart image. Evocative!


  20. So much in so little space. Good job.

  21. Oh yes. This one is excellent. Every word perfect.

  22. i was thinking the Huntsman in Snow White too. Nicely done.

  23. Ooh, this is so good. Very reminiscent of the original Grimm fairytales. 🙂

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