Girls in Coffee Shops

She looks like you. Only, her hair is too short, her eyes too dark, and her gaze never wanders to the door. No, they never look like you, but I watch them nonetheless.

This post was made in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge’s 33-word Trifextra prompt:

This week we’re asking for 33 of your own words inspired by the following picture.

Photo credit: Thomas Leuthard / Foter / CC BY

31 responses to “Girls in Coffee Shops

  1. Wow. Just wow. Truly love this!

  2. I see what you see through rose colored glasses, hope, mystery and a certain desire. So you study looking for a different hand, imposed by a friendly face and a cup of coffee.

  3. Ooh, this is very intriguing. Part of me sees a story of lost love, while the other part is reading something darker into it. Really brilliant writing.

    • Thank you so much! You know, I changed the last few words at the last minute, hoping it would give just a little bit of an edge to it. I love that you saw that.

  4. a longing, a lingering heart…those are things that speak to my heart. You wrote those emotions beautifully.

  5. KymmInBarcelona

    Whoa! This keeps going around and around. Loves me. Loves me not.
    I love it, Christine!

  6. How heart breaking for him but hope reigns supreme-maybe someday he will find her:-)Well done!

  7. Wow. I love how you come full circle in so few words. There is a clear sense of longing here as well. I’d love to know more about the observer.

  8. I see you went sad with the post too. I just couldn’t see much hope or joy in this. Enjoyed you take.

  9. The longing is so real it is palpable. Loved your take! ♥

  10. The sweetness of longing…

    Very well done.

  11. I can feel the want and missing. A different perspective from I’ve read thus far this week.

  12. Once the heart has been stolen, it is very hard to get it back. This was sadly beautiful.

  13. Oh that desire to see what we want to see, to catch a glimpse of the one that got away…so compelling and you captured it so well here, Christine!

  14. ah…how our memory colors our reality in it’s longing…wonderfully done!

  15. I love how enigmatic this is. Could be sweet or dark and you leave us lingering. Nicely done!

  16. those thoughts that linger on and on creating its own world and hoping things would change. very nice scenario.

  17. Everyone seems a little lost and lonely in this piece; the observer and the girl. It isn’t always easy to convey depth of emotion from a static photo like this but, you did a great job with it. Thanks for continuing to inspire with your great work. 🙂

  18. This feels a little sinister, and a little sad. I like it.

  19. I’m with Draug. There’s an underlying sinister edge to this that’s a little terrifying. So well done.

  20. What Suzanne and Draug said above … and thank goodness I wasn’t the only soul to think that the mystery of this piece could lend itself to a darker/voyeuristic interpretation, especially given how s/he starts to second-guess him/herself and criticize the girl and then the really chilling word “them.” (‘Zero at the bone’ as Emily Dickinson wrote.) Either way, “light” or “dark,” very well rendered, Christine!

  21. Wonderful. I really want to know more about the Watcher…

  22. Ooo. I like how some are reading this a bit darker than others. I just got the lovesick nobody-is-as-wonderful-as-you. That’s a big step for me. 🙂 Thanks for linking up, Christine. Lovely, as always.

  23. I could never have thought of this take. Great.

  24. Oh, I really love this. Very well done. Just the right amount of everything, keeping it light, yet meaningful.

  25. “They never look like you, but I watch them nonetheless.” I have been there, and it’s always like that. Soft regret.

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