In Vino Veritas

Grief unsettles me. I do not pour it lightly on the page. You dredge the lees of my words, claiming this is needful, this cleansing of the palate. What I taste is absence.

This post was made in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge weekend Trifextra prompt:

This weekend we’re asking for 33 words about a new beginning.

An ending is a beginning, is it not?

24 responses to “In Vino Veritas

  1. 😦 ooooh I love this – sad piece – but I love it

  2. fun play with words meanings and metaphors:-)

  3. Wow, this is great! Love the tasting of absence in the last line.

  4. Loved this morsel of love,laced with absence:-)Amazing play of words.

  5. Wonderful, I enjoy your darker take on the subject.

  6. Yes, it is. A blank plate is ready to b filled!:D

  7. Oh, the words here come from such a deep place in the heart. Loved this.

  8. An ending is definitely a beginning. It’s all one big circle. (:

  9. Beautiful and haunting. Lovely piece.

  10. This is good. Sometimes you can taste absence. Unexpected and apt! 😀

  11. LOVE. Indeed, endings are the only beginnings, sometimes.

  12. The lees of my words.. I love that. And tasting absence – nice piece!

  13. Terrific gustatory romp!

  14. Terrific use of words.It is unfortunate that it’s necessary, isn’t it?

  15. I especially love the title, giving even more weight to the 33 words. Well done!

  16. Very poetic. And, yes, every ending can also be a beginning.

  17. The wine analogy is so good! Sending you some happy.

  18. Love the title but the ending hung on and stayed with me. I read this 3 times. Adding the sense if taste made this so powerful.

  19. I loved this. What helps one person cope doesn’t always work for others!

  20. “An ending is a beginning, is it not?” I remember there being a song that had a chorus along the lines of: “every new beginning starts from some other beginning’s end”. You did a tremendous job with the prompt!

  21. oh, breathtakingly beautiful!

  22. Absence does have a taste – stale, bitter, yuck. This was a great way of looking at the prompt. Amy

  23. This is haunting. And true.

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