Incipit: Fantasy

The crown was only a symbol, it is true: pearls entwined in delicate strands of silver like tears. But symbols carry power, and the Crying Man nearly destroyed everything once with his grief.

This post was written in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge  weekend prompt:

Give us a 33-word opening line to your book. 

As I thought about this, I realized that I approach many of these micro-prompts as opening lines. However, this was the first time I actually tried to write something with the clear intention to do so. In this case, it’s a rethinking of the opening of a National Novel Writing Month book I wrote a few years ago

Elsewhere on this blog I posted the first few paragraphs of another longer work I keep coming back to, which is one of my favorite openings that I’ve written.  Who knows, maybe it will go somewhere…

21 responses to “Incipit: Fantasy

  1. I would like to read more about the Crying Man and what caused his grief.

  2. Yep, me too. Who’s this Crying Man and whats his grief?

  3. This is a beautiful and powerful beginning that demands the reader read on. Nice work. Thanks for playing along with us again this week. We hope to see you back for the weekday prompt tomorrow.

    • Many thanks! I’m glad to be getting my feet wet again. I look forward to the challenges every week (and weekend), and it’s been hard not participating these last couple of weeks.

  4. Your metaphor is so powerful and gripping. Your writing is so special and poignant that I think I can pick out your piece if we submitted anonymously.

  5. I think a story about a Crying Man would definitely be interesting…

  6. The phrase “Strands of silver, like tears…” creates an image of magical power. We now need to know what is the cause of his grief and why he might destory everything because of it. Somehow, I see kindness in this man, so I want to know more about him.

  7. Well, now you’re stuck. You have to write the story. 😉

    • I have a brain-dump version of it already (otherwise known as NaNoWriMo). 🙂 I’ve been mentally rewriting it for the last few years, though the rewrites have yet to make it to paper. I’ve got some interesting characters, but it’s a bit light on plot – my biggest weakness.

  8. The crying man, captured my attention. Great job!

  9. Very poetic. New from Trifecta. New fan. New follower. xo

  10. I’m dying to know who or what the Crying Man is. Lovely language here, too!

  11. unevenstevencu

    very nice write – lots of implications and possible directions this story could take

  12. Well written. I am wondering whether I will get to read the whole story 🙂

    • Someday, I hope. 🙂 I’ve been rereading the piece that this came from, written about 4 years ago, and I’m finding that there’s a kernel of something interesting in there. I just need to wrap my head around the plot, which is always the hardest part for me. Thus my focus on flash fiction lately.

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