The Other Sort of Need

A different evening, long ago. Sweetness in a silver cup.

“Do you love me?” she asked as she drank, eyes afire.

Ah. A different desire, then; another sort of need. “I will tonight.”

This post was written in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge  weekend prompt: write a love story in 33 words.  You are free to interpret that prompt however you wish, but your response must be 33 words exactly.

A little context can be found in a previous post: Need.

19 responses to “The Other Sort of Need

  1. Oooh, so very intriguing!! I like the varying types of need & love. reat take n the prompt!

  2. ooohh, bad things happening here.

  3. If it were me I think I would be excited and expectant.

  4. hmmmmm . . . so many ways – different directions this could go. 🙂 Intriguing, indeed.

  5. Typical though…she means love, he means “love”. 😉 Well…that’s me assuming that the second person is a man. Well done.

  6. The physical love is singing on one side, and decieving the other. Isn’t this so often the way? 🙂

  7. That last line seals it — I don’t even need the context to feel the fire from line 2 in a totally different way at the end of line three.

  8. Hot. Hot. Hot. Which means I loved it.
    Came from the Trifextra link.

  9. Line three changed the story. Love it and that there are different types of needs…not all long term!

  10. Sigh.
    I remember dating. God, did I hate dating.
    But I love this for making me remember.

  11. Maybe it’s bad form to comment on one’s own post, but I have to say I find the various interpretations of my little love story fascinating, and it reminds me that whatever an author intends to say with her words, it all goes by the wayside as soon as someone else reads it. 🙂

  12. So many interpretations possible with this one. I like it.

  13. Oooh, I liked this alot!

  14. I love it. Intriguing and beautiful.

  15. I really like this one! I found your comment appropriate tonight as i read the comments on my own submission. I meant on thing and three people have put their spin on it and I can totally see how they got there even if I did not intend it to be that way.

  16. Those alternate expectations in the beginnings. I love this.

  17. Welcome to Trifecta! This is a brilliant response to the prompt and I love the way that nearly everyone who has commented has taken something a little bit different away with them. To manage that in only 33 words is pretty cool. I hope you’ll join us for the weekday challenge starting on Monday.

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